Meet Madee Byrne, a Reiki Master, Holistic Counsellor, and Certified Meditation Teacher.

Madee Byrne is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in customer service. She has worked in various industries, including retail and the fitness industry, where she excelled as a Portfolio Manager and successfully managed two gyms. Her hard work and dedication were recognized in 2022 when she was nominated for Manager of the Year and won the Award for Local Area Marketing. Madee's background in customer service, combined with her experience in management, has given her a unique perspective on how to effectively serve others.

Madee Byrne's journey with Crohn's disease has been a defining moment in her life. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune illness, but rather than letting it control her life, she took charge of her health and found solace in holistic health and energetic practices. Her determination and commitment to her well-being resulted in a complete remission.

In addition to managing her physical health, Madee also learned how to manage her mental and emotional well-being through mindfulness and meditation. Her personal struggles with stress, anxiety, and a negative inner critic motivated her to make these practices a part of her daily routine. The transformation in her life was profound and inspired her to help others in their journey towards self-discovery and holistic wellness.

Madee Byrne is a practitioner who is guided by her intuition and is dedicated to helping others trust their own inner guidance. The term "Satori" symbolizes a profound and transformative experience, representing the road to enlightenment and the awakening of one's inner intuition.

Madee uses her intuition and expertise to help clients on their journey towards Satori. She understands that the road to enlightenment is personal and unique to each individual, and her goal is to help clients access their inner wisdom and intuition to guide them towards self-awareness and transformation.

For Madee, personal growth is about developing a strong sense of self, building meaningful relationships, connecting with nature, and recognizing transcendence and unity. Embark on your own journey towards Satori and discover your path alongside her.


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